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Church Directory Pictures – Sept. 1 to 3

We are working on a new Church Directory for this year.  Pictures will be taken on September 1st to 3rd.  Please contact the Church Office at 653-2119 (Jenny) or Debby Stephens at (620)-282-2288 to set up an appointment.  Individual and/or family pictures are available to be taken.  Also, this would be a good time to let the Church Office know if any of your family’s information has changed:  addresses, family additions, etc.

You can also make an appointment on Sunday before or after Church Service as the sign-up sheets will be available.

Thank you for your help.


Our Youth Group

Our Youth Group meets on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm with a meal or snacks, then proceeds to work with Laura Barnard, our Youth Group Leader.

All youth from Grades 6 and up are welcome.

One of the major events each year for our youth is their trip to Branson for the Young Christians’ Weekend in the Spring.


Treasurer’s Post

The Mission of the United Methodist Church:

Each local church is unique, yet it is a part of a connection, a living organism of the body of Christ.  Being a connectional Church means in part that all United Methodist churches are interrelated through the structure and organization of districts, conferences, and jurisdictions in the larger “family” of the denomination.  The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church describes, among other things, the ministry of all United Methodist Christians, the essence of servant ministry and leadership, how to organize and accomplish that ministry, and how our connectional structure works.

Our Church extends way beyond your doorstep; it is a global Church with both local and international presence.  You are not alone.  The resources of the entire denomination are intended to assist you in ministry.  With this help and the partnership of God and one another, the mission continues.  You are an integral part of God’s church and God’s plan!

from “Guidelines: Finance“, General Board of Discipleship.



This is a test posting by the Treasurer.  Keep up the good work.  Pastor Lee is doing a fine job … with everyone’s help.

Thank you for all your help and support.