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I read an article on Covid-19 last night that made the point that this Coronavirus is not really a new thing. We had the SARS virus and the MERS virus earlier this century and both were coronaviruses. We survived these, now let’s make it through this Covid-19.

The Bible says “Be prepared. You’re up against far more than you can handle on your own. Take all the hope you can get, every weapon God has issued, so that when it’s all over but the shouting, you’ll still be on your feet. (Eph. 6:13).

Be Safe. May God be with us all.

Jim Loesch, 03/30/2020

Week of 03/23/2020

Hello, First UM Church family!

In the outbreak of coronavirus, I think it is more important to be awake in spirit at this time by getting close to God.

I am assured that prayer and God’s words are the spiritual sources to do that.   

I believe God is in control even in this commotion.

I remember the words of God in Hebrew 4: 16, saying, ‘Let us come to the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and grace to help us in our time of need. We have to pray for the leaders of the government, the health care workers, the people laid off and elderly ones near and far and our church family members who are in need as well. 

Reading the Bible can also be a great source of strength and support as God’s Word tells us:

 Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand. — Isaiah 41:10 (NLT)  

 We put our hope in the LORD. He is our help and our shield. — Psalm 33:20 (NLT)

The LORD is good, a strong refuge when trouble comes. He is close to those who trust in him. —  Nahum 1:7 (NLT)

As I have talked to the leaders of the church today, I have decided not to have Sunday worship service for the coming Sunday in precaution. We will see how things are going on and reevaluate later. I will keep in touch with you by uploading my message on the Youtube platform.

Peace in Christ. Seong Lee

Covid-19 Notes

Hello, First United Methodist of Hoisington Family!

Like you, I have concerns about COVID-19. I find comfort in knowing that regardless of what’s going on in the world around us, God remains in control.

I believe it is our response to this crisis to get close God so that we can trust Him in whatever situations.  During times like these, staying connected to God can help us have calm hearts and peaceful minds.

First, before I announce this news, I hope that the peace of God that transcends above everything may guide you in this time of commotion. 

As members of the human community, we are not physically immune from the realities that are happening in our world.

Our Bishop encouraged worship attendance of 50 or more to seriously consider suspending worship services until more is known about the spread of COVID-19. The federal government also discourages over 10 people gathering.

As I have talked with leaders of the church, I decided to cancel our coming Sunday Service as a precaution and to reevaluate this next week.

Even though, we can connect through our small meetings that will happen at the church building or homes. I encourage you to call the elderly or shut-in which will uplift their hearts at this time.  I am also trying to reach you by email and short message through the YouTube platform.  I will send you a link through email at the end of the week so that you can see my message.

Peace in Christ.

Seong Lee

Our Youth Group

Our Youth Group meets on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm with a meal or snacks, then proceeds to work with Laura Barnard, our Youth Group Leader.

All youth from Grades 6 and up are welcome.

One of the major events each year for our youth is their trip to Branson for the Young Christians’ Weekend in the Spring.


Treasurer’s Post

The Mission of the United Methodist Church:

Each local church is unique, yet it is a part of a connection, a living organism of the body of Christ.  Being a connectional Church means in part that all United Methodist churches are interrelated through the structure and organization of districts, conferences, and jurisdictions in the larger “family” of the denomination.  The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church describes, among other things, the ministry of all United Methodist Christians, the essence of servant ministry and leadership, how to organize and accomplish that ministry, and how our connectional structure works.

Our Church extends way beyond your doorstep; it is a global Church with both local and international presence.  You are not alone.  The resources of the entire denomination are intended to assist you in ministry.  With this help and the partnership of God and one another, the mission continues.  You are an integral part of God’s church and God’s plan!

from “Guidelines: Finance“, General Board of Discipleship.



During this time with the Covid-19 outbreak, we won’t be having regular Church services.  But Pastor Lee will be putting up a “Message” each week and we should have a link to it here on this website, on YouTube, on Facebook, and as an e-mail from Pastor Lee and Linda.

Please continue to support our Church with your offerings.  These can be mailed in to the Church Office.  You can also set up an offering through your bank’s “Billpay” system.  See your bank for help with this if needed.  We are also in the process of starting an “eGiving” program that will allow offerings by app on your phone, text, and through a website.  This is a new service for us, but it has been used by over 20,000 Churches worldwide and appears to be a very successful program.  We will have more information in the near future.

Thank you for all your help and support.  Be Safe.  May God be with us all.